Daniel Eisenhut (1974) grew up in Israel with a Swiss father and an Israeli mother. It was while serving in the Israeli military that he discovered both his creative side and the power of his Art. After moving to Switzerland Daniel began an art apprenticeship under the Scottish artist Andrew Ward and the Korean artist Kathy Choi.
Since 2013 Daniel has been working full-time as an artist. He has striven to represent undervalued or alienated peoples while questioning social norms. In his art, he aims to touch, provoke while bringing art to the people. For him, art should generate human authenticity: portraying all that is human along with the pain, weakness, insanity and be.

Daniel’s portraits are drawn in very personal sessions, combining the representation of a person aesthetically and their essence as he sees it. Daniel gets to know his subjects and the results are pieces that are less about copying an image and more about representing a person.

Daniel has taught art in his own studio and all over Switzerland and Europe. He has worked with children and adults alike, sharing his passion for art and helping them nurture their creative side. His works have been exhibited in Zürich, Geneva, and London and are part of private collections in Europe and the Middle East.

DANIEL EISENHUT – Vernissage- Einladungen, Printmedien und TV 2002-2019

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Studio Address: Daniel Eisenhut, Herrligstrasse 7, 8047 Zürich (CH)